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A private psychiatric consultation with Dr Richard Bunn lasts approximately 50 minutes. During this initial assessment a full history will be taken in relation to symptoms, current circumstances, family background and physical health.

The assessment is followed by a full in-depth discussion of the available treatment options that may be beneficial. These include supportive counselling, specific therapeutic interventions and/or medication. A private psychiatry follow-up appointment will be offered if required. All questions regarding treatment options will be discussed before agreeing a management plan and the way forward.

Occasionally it may be necessary for a second opinion to be sought e.g. from a neurologist or cardiologist if physical health problems are suspected. This will be discussed with you before making a referral. Blood tests or scans may also be required, as some psychiatric conditions can be caused by physical illness.

Private Practice

Useful resources about Common Psychiatric Problems.

To make an private psychiatry appointment please see your GP to discuss a referral or alternatively if you do not wish your GP to be involved please contact 0845 60 06 352 >>